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key features of our services...

Debtectomy is a medical debt recovery service that soley represents medical specialists and other health professionals.

Founded and developed by a Surgeon and a Practice Manager, we understand your needs.

Our approach is diplomatic and we are sensitive to your ongoing patient relationships.

We provide a one-on-one personalised service.

Our commissions start at 15% and are only paid on successful recovery.

We are proud of the quality of our service and are confident that you can safely put your debt recovery into our care.

member reward program and fee structure

We recommend that regular users join our Member Reward Program for a fee of $150 (ex GST) per year, thus incurring a rate of only 15% for every debt recovered.

For single and occasional users we charge a commission of 35% per debt processed.

Commissions are paid only on successful recovery.

please note

The smallest debt that may be submitted for collection is $100.

In the unlikely event that litigation proceedings are advised additional costs will be required.

other features

  • Debtectomy is a specialist in medical debt recovery with a full understanding of payment by Medicare etc.
  • You will have one-on-one personalised interaction with our company’s principals.
  • We are Licensed Commercial Agents and will provide you with professional advice and support.
  • We have trained professionals with specialist skills in Mercantile Accounting.
  • We can provide Terms of Trade wording for your documents to further reduce your costs.
  • All correspondence is drafted and sent by Debtectomy and we will provide you with regular progress reports.
  • We will trace your debtors and field all calls if necessary.
  • Debtectomy does not provide time-wasting debt letter packs. We do everything for you.
  • The debtor pays to our trust account to direct collection away from your practice and your image.

other benefits

  • Accelerate the resolution process.
  • Increase your cash flow and reduce write-offs.
  • Cost effective with high collection rate.
  • Fast turnaround.
  • Unlimited phone calls as required.
  • Commission paid on success only.
  • Save your staff costs and the frustration of administering recovery efforts.